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Welcome to LithoCAD landing page, below are a few of the cool features LithoCAD has to offer for development of Integrated Circuit Solutions, from Photonics to Integrated Electronics.

Electromagnetic Simulation

Run Electromagnetic Simulation (FDTD) directly on our servers within the same development environment! No Virtualization when simulating your systems!

Intelligent Syntax Checking

Develop Layout solutions with code, with automatic suggestions, syntax completion all within the same enviornment

All the tools needed for editing in one Place!

Simulation, Coding custom tools, Design Layout, Process Flow development and Device Packaging all in one place!
Also Load your designs from any computer in the world, as they are cloud persistent!

Name Layers

Set Layer colors, Set Layer Number for GDSII export and give the Layers names

Set Object Properties quickly

Easily click on an object and edit its properties. The property editor recognizes metric units and properties can be edited and locked to prevent further change in a particular subcell

Import GDSII directly into LithoCAD

LithoCAD imports GDSII directly into the cloud enviornment, recognizes layers etc. LithoCAD also allows for the user to simply click and drag shapes, and path simply, allowing for a fluid user experience.

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